35 website directories where you can submit your newly created website

2018-07-19 13:24:54
(Miklos Kekkoi)

Nowadays, creating a website is easy. Easier than ever before, as you can choose from dozens of well-known website builder web-apps. However, if you don’t want to spend hours learning their very own website builder, then you will find yourself in a tough position.


That is why we created Espressite where, anyone can create a website within minutes, thanks to our AI-powered designer. No more drag and drop, just you, a coffee and your very own personal virtual web-designer.


If you managed to successfully build and publish your website, then you are far from the finish, now comes the hard part. Getting the word out and promoting your website. One way to do this is by submitting your website into an online directory.


Have you ever heard about Yellow Pages?


You submit info about your business, like the URL of your website, the type of content that can be found on your site etc., then you will be registered into their database.


This means that next time, when someone searches a type of business like yours, then he can stumble upon your website. Let’s begin.



Help your website to be found by the biggest search engine on the web.



After Google, Bing is the second most popular search engine where you can submit your website.



Not free anymore, but still a remarkable directory.


Google My Business

You will be listed not only on Google Search, but also on Google Maps too, so if you are a traditional brick & mortar store, then users who are near you can easily find you on Google Maps.


Bing Places

Similar to Yellow Pages, you can upload pictures, service hours and other information.


Merchant Circle

Get your business in front of millions of new visitors.



You can choose from a free or paid listing.


Best of the Web!

They will help you to get noticed but it comes with a yearly or one-time cost.



A 100% human edited online directory.



Submit your website to 776 search engines and online directories.


Dir Journal

A website directory with categories but only for paying users.



Formerly called StumbleUpon, you can share your great product with early adopters.



Apart from listing your website, you can submit articles but, this requires a paid membership.


Submit Express

If you do not want to bother submitting your website to 70+ search engines, then you can do this just by submitting into one directory, and that is Submit Express.


Quick Directory

You can add your site to three different categories.



A free and fast (only three steps) to list your business.


Pegasus Directory

A free, human edited web directory.



In case you have the bucks to spare, then you can use this paid online directory.


EZ Local

Another free directory that will help you to be found by search engines.


Entire Web

Submit your website to several search engines with just one submission.


Insider Pages

Claim or create your free business listing so potential buyers can find you.



Post your business with phone numbers and other details.


Sighber Cafe

Choose your category or submit a new one if you can’t find an appropriate one.


Prolink Directory

Free with optional membership options, where you can add deep links.


Link Directory

A simple categorized paid directory.


Yellow Pages

You can list your business, it’s opening hours, services, even you can use Yellow Pages ads to promote your business on their site.



A SEO friendly and free web directory.


So Much

A link directory that focuses on categories.



Business directory but right now only for businesses from the United States.



A free basic or paid premium listing for your website.



You can submit your website for free with optional premium services.



A local business directory.


Simply Worth

A free online directory with premium features.


A1 Web Directory

A simple and free website directory.



Another business directory :)


There you go, 35 places that you can submit your website for an added exposure.


Now it’s your turn.


Make a cup of coffee and start submitting your site to each of the abovementioned website directories.


Thanks to the zero learning curve approach, the user will only have to answer this or that questions. This results in the easiest website builder in the world. Also, our designer A.I. makes sure that design always fits with the content of his website.


In case you want to know more about how to promote your website, then you should browse our blog.


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