How to write an about us page

2018-07-19 13:24:54
(Miklos Kekkoi)


What is an about us page? In case if you are running solo, an about me page.


This is the page where you show the visitors the most important milestones and achievements of your business that is relevant to your visitors.


If you are struggling to write a customer-focused about us page, then you are in the right place, as in the following pages I will show you how to clearly communicate your values in a few sentences.


The customer comes first

First and foremost, your message should reflect only one thing, and that is how can you help your customers, and not boasting about your proudest achievement.


Forget about the millennial “ME” mentality, this is not the place for that! Don’t get me wrong you can insert where you got your education, but only if it serves the customer.


“Little known secret: Your about us page is the most visited webpage after your homepage”


Now you know why you shouldn’t neglect preparing a killer about me page for your business.


Bringing value to the table


Visitors will want to quickly scan and evaluate whether they are in the right place, as they always looking for the right solution for their problems.


That is why the number one thing to keep in mind when writing an about us page is, how can you prove to your visitor that you are the solution and he should stop looking elsewhere.


Let's say that we are an accounting firm whose main customers are young entrepreneurs who want to change the world with their next startup.


In this case, we want to communicate that we have experience working with early-stage startups.


Showing them, that we have already seen several of the problems that this kind of businesses can face.


The right questions


If you were the young hotshot startupper that I have described above, what would you ask while reading that about us page? Questions like:


  1. Can they help me?
  2. If they can, what makes me sure that they are the right fit for me?


The above two questions are the core questions that can be expanded to more sub-questions.


By answering just these two, we can write an about us page that increases the probability, that our prospect will convert.


Therefore, our accounting firm would describe their about us page in the following way:


We are a professional accounting firm who are at the forefront of working with businesses with genuinely interesting business models. Thanks to our extensive experience working with startups, you will only have to focus on building the next big thing that everyone will use, while we handle the non-glamourous aspects of your business. If you are a hotshot startupper who will change the world, then try our services now!


As you can see, it is short and right to the point, also you can tell who are we aiming at just by reading it.


Let’s jump back into the shoes of our young entrepreneur and read together with the above about us section while asking the core questions.


They work mainly with “businesses with interesting business models”, I also have a pretty unique idea, maybe they can help me, so I carry on reading.


They have a lot of experience with startups, that is nice, as I am also one.


Hmm, that penultimate sentence is what I want to hear, as I don’t want to spend my time working on anything else, other than my product.


See what we have done in the last sentence? Now that is called….


Call to action


If you are optimizing your sales pages so your visitors will take action, then why are you not doing the same thing with your about us page?


With that last sentence, we are making a final, gentle push on the “back” of our visitor to take action.


Get your profile pictures the right way


If you are working alone, then the about us page becomes an about me page. In this case, having a photo of yourself makes things much more personal.


Of course, if you are more than a one-person business, then you should also add the faces of your team members or the logo of your company.


Your visitors will have a chance to pair a face with the short story they are reading.


Prepare your photos based on the following tutorial. Yes, it’s a tutorial on how to take selfies :)


The theme of your about page


Apart from the content, the design of your page has some serious effect on the actions that your visitors will take.


For example, if you are a prestigious law firm who is using a western like font (e.g. Rio Grande) to communicate the message to your future prospects, then you are doing something wrong.


Most of the visitors of your site will not be able to tell what is wrong with your website, but one thing that they will know for sure, that your message is not aligned with your style.


Even if you pick the right color for your law firm and want to show potential clients how professional you are, you can easily scare them away with just a mismatched font.


That’s why it’s so important to focus on picking the right colors and fonts for your about us page.


Take a look at the example of Tesla:



The main message of their site shows competence. You can see the font is aligned with the color palette of smooth white and blue, that reflects a high-quality product.


As for their secondary message, they communicate excitement because they bring a slice of the future for their raving fans.


This excitement can be seen not only from the pictures in the form of a futuristic car but also from the description.


You can read more about the color psychology and its effects on the behavior of your visitors here.


An example


So if we want to maximize the conversion of the potential clients of our hypothetical law firm, we need to pick the color of navy blue.


This color shows, that we are a calm, reserved and at the same time modern law firm, who will get the job done in a professional way.


In the meantime, our law firm should ditch the western style font and pick one that is in align with the colors we have previously picked.


The font called Monserat or Roboto should work, as it exactly communicates the message that we want.


If you are using other site builders, then you should read the articles that I have linked above as you will definitely need it to establish the exact style of your business.


In case you are not a designer or don’t want to waste time picking the ideal colors and fonts, then you can use Espressite.


Espressite is a personality-based website builder, that uses an AI designer, that picks the best colors and fonts for your website. All that just by answering a few this or that questions. Start now for Free!