Top 10 resources for unique free photographies

2018-07-19 13:24:54
(Miklos Kekkoi)


Are you looking for high quality and stylish photos for your website without paying top dollars for a photographic studio? Well, wonder no more, as you will be introduced to 10 sites where you can download the ideal picture for your website for free.


1. FoodiesFeed

In case you want to spice up your site with delicious food pictures, then you will love FoodiesFeed. According to their policy, you can publish, modify and distribute their photos, even for commercial purposes.




2. Unsplash

Gorgeous stock photos in multiple high resolutions, that is Unsplash. Preferred by photographers to showcase their work, you will definitely find top quality photos that you can see nowadays on websites built by Espressite. There is even more, Unsplash has a user-friendly api, which can be helpful for your own projects. You can use any photo, even for commercial use by giving credit to the photographer.




3. Moose

If you are looking for a minimalistic look, then Moose is the site you want to visit. You can use their photos in exchange for a link to their site or buy it if you really want to get rid of that link. Sounds like a good deal. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then you can request an image and they will shoot, render and compose it in exchange for a free link.




4. Pexels

Step up your game by using videos instead of static photos. With Pexels you can use short 20 second videos to spice up the style of your site. It’s free, can be used for personal or commercial purposes and you don’t even have to give attribution to the original source.




5. Pixabay

With more than 1,4 million pictures and videos, Pixabay is one of the big free photo resource players on the market. As with the abovementioned services, the pictures on Pixabay can be used for commercial purposes for free, without giving attribution to the creator of the photo.




6. New Old Stock

Big fan of black and white pictures? Get a slice of history, free without copyright restrictions from New Old Stock.




7. StyledStock

 For those who are looking for beautiful, feminine stock photography.




8. BucketListly

 A collection of over 7000+ travel photos taken by one while he is traveling the world. You can use all the photos for free, however, if you want a higher resolution then you need to request it from the photographer Pete R.




9. Startup Stock Photos

 Stylish photos were taken from the day to day grind of modern startups.




10. Travel Coffee Book

 Another travel-related free photo site with a do whatever you want license.




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