Top 3 strategies to acquire your first users

2018-07-19 13:24:54
(Miklos Kekkoi)

When building a business, it is often the case that you only have the budget to create your core product.

So you need to spread the word and acquire customers from a near-zero budget.

It’s not impossible, as others have done this before you.

In the following, you will read 3 ways that can get your first customers.


1. LinkedIn


Imagine the last time that someone looked at your LinkedIn profile.

What did you do?

As humans are curious in nature, you most probably looked who looked at your profile.

Imagine that you are looking at hundreds of profiles a day, even invite them to connect with you.


Can you do this?

Sure, you can sit down in front of your computer and start doing this in manually.

Fortunately, as with anything in 2018 you can automate this.


Meet Leonard


Leonard is a chrome extension that will:

- Build your network automatically by sending hundreds of personalized connection requests,

- Send unlimited numbers of InMails to people outside of your network,

- With the profile viewer, you can automatically visit hundreds of profiles every day so you can make them aware of your product or service.


All that for free.


2. Instagram


We all know that you can leverage Instagram to get new customers if you have a fancy/good looking product.

You can utilize the power of Instagram even if you have a service to offer.

Just need to find your ideal audience and the content they are interested in.


Know your analytics


As you know, your Instagram profile page is your homepage, therefore, it is vital that you have a converting bio.

But when it comes to analyzing your visitors coming from various sources, you can do one neat trick to track visitors from Instagram.

That trick is, creating a subdomain like "www.mycompany/go" and place it in your bio.

In case you do not have a memorable company name you can use and purchase a shortened link.

Take a look at how Entrepreneur magazine does this:



They even create a new link for every new article and update their bio with it.

The best news is that from March 2018, your bio can contain one clickable link, also you can use a “#” or “@” to direct your visitors to landing pages or branded hashtags.


Hashtags all around


To find the right hashtags for your content, you only need your phone.

Let’s stay with the abovementioned entrepreneur account.

They are an online magazine for entrepreneurs, so the hashtags they are using are #startuplife #fempreneur #entrepreneurs etc.

As a new feature in 2018, you can now follow hashtags on Instagram.

It is pretty much the same as following a user’s profile.



The best thing about this is when you follow a hashtag, a new set of relevant hashtags will be shown to you.

This way you can go down the rabbit hole and find most of the hashtags that are relevant for you.


One quick note, you should not use the same hashtags with every post.

So switch them up for each post, then the Instagram algorithm will not see it as a spam.


Creating Instagram posts


To create your posts faster, you need to use Canva which is a great tool for creating Instagram posts.

There are plenty of templates, backgrounds and fonts which will help you to create the perfect post.



Posting your content


One rule that you should follow when posting your content is consistency.

Make a plan on how often you post your content and stick to it.

It is recommended that you post at least one post a day but in case you can generate content even faster, a 3-5 post per day can give you better results.

This means a lot of work but you can automatize it with services like Buffer or Later.

They will help you to schedule your posts so you don’t have to use your phone to post a picture anymore.

One thing you can do is creating content that can be reposted at a later date, for example, if you have a month of worthy content, then you can easily repost the same pictures without anyone noticing it.


Take note, that consistency is key.

If you post 3 pictures every day and suddenly post 1 picture every two days, then the Instagram algorithm will notice this and may penalize you in decreased traffic.


How to post


You should always stick to a message that relates to your picture and only include a few relevant hashtags.



After you have posted your picture, comment on your post and include a few relevant hashtags, this way you can maximize your reach without being too spammy.



As always, do not use the same hashtags with every post, use services like Later that will help you create a list of hashtags that can be used with just a tap of a button.


Get more followers the manual way




There is the famous like, like, comment strategy that simply means after finding a relevant account, you should like two of their pictures and then make a comment on one of them. As an added bonus you can even follow them, which will increase the chance that they will follow you back.


$1.80 strategy by Gary V


This strategy is very simple, find the top 9 trending posts for 10 different hashtags that are relevant for you, then drop your “two cents” thoughts (comments) related to them.


So the $1.80 is 0.02 (your two cent opinion) x (the number of trending posts) 9 = 0.18 then this is multiplied by the number of hashtags 10.


It is a free and very powerful strategy that even shows your knowledge in the related field, but make sure that your comments are helpful.


Get more likes and followers with the automated way


By using automated services like Socialfrift you can create a set it and forget it system that will interact with potential followers.

It can help your user base growth 24/7 so it works even when you sleep.


3. Utilizing the power of Quora to generate more leads


Customers are always searching for answers to their problems.

They ask questions in forums or sites like Quora, which is a site dedicated to helping people by answering their questions.

With it’s more than 190 million active users a month, there is a high chance that somebody asked a question related to what your product solves.

It’s a great way to put the spotlight on you as the business who solves the problem of a potential customer.

Let’s imagine that you have a problem and want an answer, you type your question into Google and one of the first results will be a Quora answer.


That’s how powerful the biggest Q&A platform is.


In light of this, no matter what kind of product or services you are selling, you will find dozens of relevant questions related to it.


What can you get by answering Quora questions:

- With over 29 million people reached monthly in the US alone, you will get a hefty exposure,

- Build up a reputation in your related field,

- Also, you can use it as a marketing research tool by asking questions yourself.


After signing up for a Quora account, you should start optimizing your profile by filling up your bio with information like clickable links and your fields of expertise.

Last but not least, do not forget to link your social media profiles, like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts, this will make visitors easier to find you.

Next, start following topics that are relevant to you, then scan for questions that brings you the best value for your time.


The following rules will help you to identify the best questions:

- It should have a higher number of followers compared to the number of answers provided,

- Also, it should have a lot of followers who are interested in an answer,

- Should be a recent question.


To gather answer worthy questions, you can click on “Answer” then, “ Answer later”.


Time for an answer


Always follow the KISS rule, that is, Keep It Simple Stupid.

This means writing a step-by-step answer that guides the reader through his problem.

You will not only make your answer easier to read, but also makes it more probable that it will be upvoted.

A word of warning: Do not spam an answer with your own links as your question will be downvoted.

Make sure that your answer is helpful and relevant, if it is, then you can mention your service and insert only one link at the bottom of your answer.

Also, try to include outside links into your answer, this way mentioning your service will not look like a self-promotion.


Getting upvotes


After you have perfected your answers, make sure that you ask your friends and followers for upvotes.


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