Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Espressite?

    Our aim is to make building websites a seamless and fun experience without the need to learn to code or watching boring tutorial videos.

    Most of us are not designers, so we made sure that you don't have to make any hard decisions, other than you are comfortable with.

    With the help of professional web designers, we have created a designer A.I. that makes sure you will have a personalized and beautiful website within minutes.

  • Compared to other website building services, what is so different about you guys?

    We know too well that building a website with other, well-known services is not that easy as it is advertised. Because of this, way too many people fail when it comes to creating their websites.

    If you have ever tried those other services before, then you know that you have to watch several videos and tutorials before you can even start. Fortunately, we managed to remove all those “obstacles”.

    We achieved a so-called “zero learning curve” which means if you have ever used a web browser before, then you have all the knowledge to build your site.

  • Anything else unique about your service?

    Other than having the fastest website builder on the market, we have one more thing that is pretty amazing. And that is having a designer A.I. that will make sure that you always have a beautifully designed website.

    You will feel like you’re sitting in a coffee shop, with your personal website designer and telling him all the values that your website needs to communicate for your visitors.

  • How fast can I make a website with Espressite?

    We are the “website within a coffee break” website builder.

    It depends on the site you want to create, but most of the case we recommend taking a coffee break with a cup of espresso.

  • Do I have to watch any tutorials?

    Nope. We created Espressite with a zero learning curve in mind. That means you do not have to sit through long tutorials that shows how to use the website builder.

    If you are reading this, then you already have everything in your skill set to build a website for your business.

  • What about changing minor things like themes or fonts?

    You don’t want to have a terrible looking website, do you?

    Based on your inputs, our designer A.I. analyses your content and only recommends themes and fonts that fits with it. Trust us, you are in good hands :)

  • What’s in the free plan?

    Everything, except you can only use your own domain with a subscription.

  • Is web hosting included in my plans?

    Certainly. All of our plans ensure that your website will stay up and running 24/7.

  • What does connecting a domain mean?

    In case you have a free Espressite website, your domain name will be username.espressite/ If you have a monthly subscription then you can buy a domain from us and connect it (e.g. to your website.

  • Where can I buy a domain?

    We offer a free domain (.com, .net, .org) name for every yearly subscription. Also, you can buy a domain from us that you can connect to your website.

  • Can I switch my subscription from one site to another?

    Go to your account to do that.

  • Do you offer a yearly plan?

    Of course, and it comes with a free domain (.com, .net, .org) name too. You can take a look at our pricing page here.

  • Any discounts?

    We value long-term commitment, so you can get a discount when subscribing for our yearly service.

  • How to cancel my subscription?

    If you wish, you can cancel your subscription from your account.

  • What happens to my account if I cancel my subscription?

    Your site will revert back to the free plan and your domain becomes (username.espressite/ Any other content will be intact and you will have full control of your site.

  • Can I switch between plans?

    You can switch your website plan from a monthly subscription to a yearly from your account.

  • How can I pay for a subscription?

    You can use a credit card and major debit cards, we also accept Paypal.

Still got question? Ask us anyhing!

No more questions? Start creating your site!